LanaUS is a classified advertisement website which focuses on sections devoted to Muslim needs in North America.

It includes Jobs, housing, buy&sell, and Muslim community news Etc.

It mainly focuses on connecting the Muslim community by providing various opportunities.


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LanaUS is an open platform to create, discuss, share information and ideas, and connect with professionals. We allow our members to freely express and share opinions. We have a diverse and enormous audience from many backgrounds and traditions with vacillating ideals and scruples. However, to protect the experience of our group members and to make this initiative prolific we have limitations to the type of content and behavior as we take them to be harmful to the community.
While participating, please keep in mind not to cross the line, respect the community, mutually collaborate to make this group successful, be professional and sportive, and enjoy.

1. Respect: No one is a sacrosanct but we trust you to be responsible and professional towards other members of the group. Please keep in mind always that a person comes before a point.

2. Absolutely not allowed:

1. Copyright or Intellectual Property Infringement–Respect copyright. We definitely respond to notices of alleged copyright infringement strongly. At the same time, we understand that copy righted materials are used in a suitable way too. So, we ask the copyright holders to consider this point before submitting any complaints.

2. Direct or indirect Threats–No threats of violence or promotion of violence which includes threatening.

3. Harassment – You can’t abuse or harass others. No harassing or sending abusive messages, no threats, and no incitement to harass others.

4. Harmful or dangerous content –Don’t post content that encourages others to do things that might cause them or anyone else any sort of harm.

5. Technological harmful content –Please don’t send malware, spyware, adware, or other malicious or destructive code or any links related to the enlisted harmful content.

6. Advertising – Prohibited.

7. Hateful conduct –Zero tolerance for posts that promote or even condone violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, or veteran status.

8. Any kind of spam – You can’t engage in phishing, invitation spam, fraud, creating misleading/false content, post misleading links, and promote third-party services.

9. Unlawful or illegal use – LanaUS can’t be used for any unlawful purposes or in promulgation of illegal activities. International users must comply with all the local laws pertaining to online conduct and permissible content.

10. Private Information – Posting any of other people’s private or confidential information, without their official consent is strictly not permitted.

3. Be real:

1. Multiple account abuse – Creation of multiple accounts is not allowed

2. Impersonation – You can’t impersonate others in a way that does or is intended to mislead,confuse, or for deception

3. Fake accounts – Our members need to be real people, who provide their own real names and correct information about themselves. Don’t provide misleading information about yourself, your qualifications, work experience, affiliations or achievements. And, don’t be dishonest or inappropriate.

4. Posts are reviewed: All posts are moderated.

  • 5. Enjoy: This is your community and there’s a lot to learn. Make the most out of this group and help others as much you can.